I am a husband.  A father.  A lawyer.  A military officer.  I could be better at each.  This website is for me.  I hope it can be helpful for you too.  If you've stumbled here, welcome.  I intend for this to be a place of discussion.  There's a saying that has always rung true for me.  "What gets written, gets done."  Hence, I write.  

Personal development often focuses on achievement.  Exercise in the morning.  Sleep more.  Read more.  These are examples I happen to also agree with.  We should do these things.  My problem lies in the motivation for doing these things.  My motivation is selfish.  I exercise because I want to feel better, look better, be healthy.  I read more to pique my curiosity, become more educated, sound smart at parties.    I sleep more to be productive, feel good, curb my irritability.  

My motivations are all wrong. They have held me back.

I should mind my health so I can be a more active father.  I should read more so I have more to offer to my children.  I've been a father now for 5 years.  I have two boys, my youngest currently two-and-a-half.  Not once in the past 5 years have I given serious consideration to becoming the best father I can be.  Not once.  I mean, I've thought about it, but not once have I developed an action plan.  Quite frankly, I am disappointed with myself.  I imagine I'm not alone.  Hell, I know I am not alone.  I've observed my peers.  I do a better job than several of them.    

Recently I had a revelation.  The most value I can provide to society is to raise children who grow to be thoughtful, productive, and creative young men.  I will never be POTUS.  I won't become the greatest trial lawyer of all time.  I sure as hell won't cure cancer.  I will never make and donate billions of dollars, single-handedly changing the world like Bill and Melinda Gates.  But my kids might.  Yours might too.

If my motivation is to be a transformational leader for my children, then things like money, happiness, and success will  surely be byproducts.  

It is time to devote more of our energy toward preparing our children for this rapidly evolving, complex and oft troubled world.  The ways in which our fathers guided us (or didn't), are no longer good enough.

Of this, I am convinced.   

If you share a similar vision, follow along.  Lets get better together.